Date of publication: 20/05/2020

Covid19. Brazil Conducts Virtual Meetings of Conferences and Councils

Council General International

Charity cannot stop, neither can the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. With this in mind, during the social lockdown imposed by the health authorities, Brazil’s Superior Council has thought up an innovative way to conduct the remote meetings held by Conferences and Councils, while writing up the meeting minutes.

This procedure remains in effect until face-to-face meetings are allowed, thus avoiding mass gatherings and the spread of Coronavirus. “Brazil’s Council will temporarily authorize virtual meetings during the new Coronavirus pandemic. The secretary will write up the minutes and read them out during the meeting. Members will approve it by audio messages or email,” explains the Council as stated in the circular letter governing this issue.

The rules, drawn up by the Superior Council, set out the guidelines and details as to how meetings should be remotely held and recorded, always taking into account the Treasury’s report.

“Brazil is setting a great example for all Superior/National Councils around the world. This decision, made by Brazilian Vincentians, is in line with the recently published guidelines issued by the Council General, which fosters remote meetings within the SSVP in times of Covid-19”, stated our Brazilian fellow member, Renato Lima de Oliveira, the SSVP’s 16th President General.

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