Date of publication: 07/04/2020

Covid-19 United States. Satellite Shelters for the Homeless

Council General International

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Dayton (Ohio, United States) has launched Operation STOPCOVID, an initiative that provides temporary satellite shelters for over 80 guests, including 22 children, while keeping the social distancing required to prevent the spread of the virus among the guests of their shelters.

These 80 people account for 20% of the total guests that the SSVP in Dayton currently shelters (around 400 guests per night). Although this is a very expensive temporary solution, the SSVP will continue its work for as long as necessary. They hope to secure more funding within the next few days to further increase the number of guests they can send to satellite shelters.

The SSVP in Dayton, Ohio, serves over 100,000 people annually, with a focus on clothing, food, and shelter for individuals and families in need, in addition to 11 food pantries, permanent supportive housing, and emergency shelter for over 4,000 men, women and children.

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