Date of publication: 17/04/2020

Covid 19. Spain.The Virgin of Light Conferences Continues to Assist over 400 families

Council General International

“We did not want to remain unmoved in the face of the need around us”.

When the state of emergency was declared throughout the country, the Virgin of Light Conference (Melilla) felt the Vincentian spirit which moves us all, and despite the official lockdown, we did not want to remain unmoved in the face of the need around us, so we immediately began working to try and help as far as we could.

With the elderly

At the SSVP’s temporary assistance centre for the elderly, the sanitary measures were put in place, providing those working at the Centre with the equipment they needed to protect themselves and our elderly friends. Fortunately, and thanks to the professionalism, commitment and dedication of the workers, the old people are at the moment free of the virus, so we hope that God will continue to assist us and ensure this situation remains stable.

With those struggling to recover from addiction

The people we are helping through the Hombre project are still being supported through IT resources, so that their follow-up can continue. They are being helped by our psychologists and therapists. We are hoping for a favourable outcome, so they get the support they need in these difficult times, and no-one feels alone. 

With families going through hard times

At the Food Warehouse, from the first day of confinement, we went out into the streets to help the most vulnerable families (naturally using all the sanitary measures necessary). We have seen some increase in the families needing help as more people are unemployed and there are problems for many self-employed workers. This has meant a huge increase in requests for essential supplies. Many of the families we help have a large number of children.

Network of charity

We have received great cooperation and unconditional help from the Melilla Food Bank, which has provided us with all the practical resources we need to make our food deliveries, with some 400 needy families being supported at the moment.

From the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, we are taking food to the homes of the families in need, with the support of all the public authorities, who are grateful and recognise the work we have been providing from our food store.

We are proud of the Vincentian work taking place in Melilla. We are taking some risks, which we accept as a form of service to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul.