Date of publication: 08/04/2020

Covid-19 Australia. The SSVP Battles the Coronavirus and Deals with the Aftermath of the Bushfires and Drought

Council General International

The SSVP Australia has issued a media release expressing its intention to walk with the most needy, particularly the most vulnerable communities. At this difficult time, Australia, still reeling from the impact of the recent raging fires and drought, now faces up to the coronavirus. 

Through their Conferences (action & prayer SSVP groups) in local areas, “the Society is doing what they can do to maintain ongoing contact with people who need support […]”.

The SSVP Australia, made up of over 60,000 fellow members, continues its work with all communities by doing practical things like food drops at people’s front doors and maintaining phone contact with many vulnerable and unaccompanied people.

The SSVP Rule, as stated in the Australian Media Release, “calls us to respond with commitment, compassion and respect and to work with integrity and empathy”, and this is what our Australian colleagues are doing.

Read full media release: