Date of publication: 10/01/2020

Council General International visits SSVP Suriname

Council General International

From 9 to 12 January 2020, the Council General International will meet with the SSVP Suriname. The International Territorial Vice-President for South America, brother Julio Cesar Marques de Lima, will visit Paramaribo, the capital of the country, with regard to the activities undertaken with members of Santa Rosa de Lima Conference, the only existing Vincentian unit in the country.

The agenda includes the following: a meeting with the Bishop of Paramaribo, participation in the conference meeting, a short training / formation session for fellow members, and a visit to another parish to introduce the SSVP to people interested in creating new conferences.

Since the conference was founded in Santa Rosa de Lima Parish in 2015, the SSVP has been operating in Suriname in the downtown area of the city. For the time being, the Conference has 8 active members.

During his institutional visit in Lebanon, the President General International addressed a message to the Surinamese fellow members in order to praise this local Conference for its beautiful work with the poor in this South American country.