Date of publication: 18/12/2018

Christmas Message – PGI Renato Lima de Oliveira

Council General International

My Dear Vincentians, Members of the Conferences of Saint Vincent de Paul, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Congratulations to all the Vincentians around the world for the dedication, affection and zeal with which they deal on a daily basis with people who live some kind of material or spiritual need.

The new forms of suffering demand from all of us a new look at the society in which we are a part of and, consequently, a new way of attacking the causes and consequences of poverty.

Your presence in this world is a light for all, like Christ is the light of the world. As Vincentians, we act to offer those who suffer a better life, based on love for God and neighbor.

During this Holy Christmas time, we renew the ideals of solidarity, charity and love, which are the marks of every Christian and which constitute the legacy of our founders.

Where there are shadows, sadness and indifference, let us carry the love of Jesus Christ.

Where there is envy and vanity, let us carry the sweetness of Mary’s heart.

Where there is lack of hope and love, let us carry the strength of Saint Joseph.

On behalf of the Council General International, the International Board of Directors and the staff in Paris, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We also wish 2019, (International Year of Paul Lamache and 180 years of the Council General), be for everyone a year full of achievements, especially in favor of the humblest. May God bless us and forgive our failures.

 Praised be our Lord, Jesus Christ!