Date of publication: 04/01/2022

CGI’s Prospects for 2022

Council General International

The new year has just begun, with good prospects for the future. On January 31st, the Circular Letter, written by the 16th President General, brother Renato Lima, will be published to address educational, environmental and management issues, an excellent spiritual reading for our Conferences.

On February 8th, the Themed Year of Le Taillandier will be officially launched, along with the international literary contest. Also in February, the new list of members of the International Structure will be published, with slight changes in some job duties at our Council. A special contest for the Vincentian youth will also be announced to choose 12 young people who will attend 2023’s events in Lisbon with all expenses paid.

In March, the first CGI’s Board meeting will be held virtually.

On April 23rd, the date when the Society was established, the General Headquarters in Paris will be officially inaugurated and broadcast live on Ozanam TV, along with Ozanam Historical Place, the “Council General in Action” exhibitions and the canonization’s timeline. Also in April, the second Board meeting will be held.

In May, the SSVP Plus project will be sending its first mission to the Scandinavian countries to consider the possibility of setting up a Conference in each capital. Also in May, the 3rd webinar on the pandemic, poverty and future will be held by the CGI’s Vice Presidency for Formation and Training.

In June, the CGI’s Annual Plenary Meeting and the 3rd Board meeting will be held in Paris. Therein, the presidential election process for the 17th President General will be defined and broadcast live on Ozanam TV.

On July 2nd, “All Africa” Assembly will be held in Nairobi (Kenya), bringing together the 41 African countries where SSVP is present.

In September, the International Vice Presidency for Youth will gather the territorial delegates for an exchange of experiences, and the International Vice Presidency for Formation and Training will follow suit with its territorial delegates in October. Also in September, the fourth Board meeting will be held, and a pilgrimage to the city of Colombiers, the birthplace of co-founder Jules Devaux, will be made.

In December, the fifth and last Board meeting will conclude the year.

As for the President General’s missionary trips, pandemic permitting, visits to the following countries have been scheduled: the United States (Florida, Philadelphia, Boston, New York and Baltimore), Malta, Scotland, Monaco, Switzerland, Colombia (Medellin), France, Kenya, Saint Tome and Principe, Angola, Italy and three Central American countries (to be defined soon).

We ask God to bless all the CGI’s projects, initiatives and programs, which are being undertaken on behalf of our Confederation.