Date of publication: 05/07/2021

CGI’s Board Meeting Next Saturday

Council General International

Due to existing travel restrictions, this meeting will again be virtual.

Despite the restrictions arising from the international health crisis, which gave rise to the closure of borders across several countries, the Council General International (CGI) has never ceased its activities, and keeps on working to serve the countries making up our Confederation. 

Thus, next Saturday, on July 10th, the 2021’s third Board meeting (virtual event) will be held by the CGI, composed of 16 members. 

The meeting agenda is covering, among others, the following topics: approval of minutes of the previous Board meeting (April 24th); spiritual reading prepared by Father Andres Motto, the international counsellor; news from the President General (events, trips, letters and other initiatives); final details of the CGI’s Annual Meeting, to be held in Madrid (September 9th-12th); news from the Secretariat General; news on Ozanam Historical Place; financial and budget reports; news from other Board members; update on SSVP Plus project; and progress made on communication, canonization, youth and formation.

“CGI’s board meetings are held on a regular basis for two reasons: decision making on important issues; and follow-up of ongoing actions carried out by all CGI departments. Moreover, it is an immense joy to meet friends from so many countries, even remotely, via the internet. What unites us in this mission is friendship and the satisfaction of being able to serve in community”, stressed our 16th President General, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira.

This meeting will be held to commemorate the SSVP members and assisted people who passed away amidst this terrible global pandemic. We kindly ask everyone to say the Lord’s Prayer for a successful meeting. The next international Board meeting will be held on September 9th, and the winners of the literary contest “The First Conference – Jules Devaux” will be announced.