Date of publication: 02/07/2017

CGI visits SSVP in Argentina to promote Vincentian formation

Council General International

From July 16 to 31, 2017 the CGI will visit the SSVP of Argentina to promote the structured vincentian formation. The Formation and Traning Coordinator for the International Territorial Vice Presidency America 3 (South America), Sister Margarita Henao, will visit 6 cities in Argentina: Buenos Aires, San Juan, Navarro, Bahia Blanca, Cordoba and Tucumán.

In all cities, meetings will be held to present topics about of vincentian formation and to training the coordinators who will be responsible for the application of the vincentian formation to all conferences in a structured way.

The vincentian training journey was organized by the National Council of the SSVP Argentina National Council, with the support of the CGI International Territorial Vice Presidency America 3. Similar events have already been held in Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.