Date of publication: 30/04/2021

CGI Board Meeting

Council General International

On 24th April, the SSVP’s CGI Board meeting was held, the third of the year, to tackle many interesting issues: the impact of the pandemic on the SSVP’s work, the rescheduling of the CGI’s international agenda due to Covid-19, the representation at the UN, the report on Ozanam’s canonization process, the upcoming 2021 Assembly to be held in Madrid, the CGI’s financial details, as well as the international relief aid, the SSVP’s twinning around the world, the work undertaken by youth, the Assembly to be held in Nairobi in 2022, and 2023’s World Youth Day in Portugal. In a nutshell, a fruitful session packed with service and enthusiasm to drive the SSVP mission forward around the world.