Date of publication: 22/04/2021

CGI Board Meeting to Be Held Next Saturday

Council General International

Important issues to be discussed and decisions to be made

Next Saturday, on April 24th, the Board of the Council General International (CGI) is holding its third meeting this year, which will be virtual due to travel restrictions around the world, with the support of interpreters.

The Board is made up of 15 brothers and sisters, appointed by the President General (PGI), as well as Father Andrés Motto, our beloved spiritual advisor.

Some of the agenda items to be addressed are as follows:

  • Decision about holding the virtual session “the SSVP, the pandemic and the future”;
  • Dates and venues for the upcoming annual CGI’s assemblies;
  • Update on Ozanam’s canonisation process;
  • Approval of programme of activities/events for 2021, 2022 and 2023;
  • Theme to be defined for the “SSVP International Youth Day”, on July 4th;
  • Balance sheet by Treasury Dept. and Secretariat General;
  • Other issues raised by Board members.

On April 25th, a special meeting is being held for the 12 International Territorial Vice-presidents (ITVPs) to discuss further improvements within the International Structure.

We kindly ask you to pray for the success of both meetings.

The next Board meeting will be held on July 10th, which will be virtual or face-to-face depending on the situation and existing restrictions.