Date of publication: 12/01/2022

Catholic TV Channels Showcases the SSVP’s Work Worldwide

Council General International

President General has taken part in two interviews

One of the main roles as President General at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) is its representation before civil society, embodying the values and principles of our organization, as set out in the International Rule (Articles 3.1 and 7.5).  

The President General shall also promote our institution in the media, giving greater visibility to the social and spiritual work carried out by Conferences, charitable works and Councils worldwide.

In this regard, brother Renato Lima de Oliveira, the SSVP’s 16th President General, is always open to dialogue with the media, especially with those supported by the Holy Church. Thus, Renato has recently granted two interviews to renowned TV channels in France and Brazil.

The French interview took place on December 22nd, 2021 on KTO TV (Catholic TV channel). The “Special Interview” section was conducted by journalist Stéphanie Dupasquier. “Charity cannot stop. The poor need the help of Vincentians, all the more so now, in times of pandemic,” underlined brother Renato. During the interview, they talked about the SSVP’s current challenges, its global expansion and its charitable work, the strength of the youth, the role of the laity at the Church, Ozanam’s canonization, moral poverty,  the prospects for 2022 and the plight of the poor. 

Some days afterwards, on January 2nd, 2022, the President General took part in the Parlatório program, presented by Fr Rafael Vieira, on Pai Eterno Catholic TV channel, in Brazil. During the interview, the President General spoke about the challenges of the Council General, the achievements of his term of office, the attributes required to be a good SSVP member and the role of charity, among other topics. 

“I do believe that, once the pandemic is over, charity and generosity can thrive. Our mission is to make people happy,” the president stressed. “God is our inspiration to stay on this Vincentian path with those most in need,” Renato pointed out. 

KTO TV Channel (France)

Pai Eterno TV channel (Brazil)