Date of publication: 26/04/2021

Building houses for families in need in Malawi

World News

The SSVP Society, within the framework of “13 Houses Campaign” Famvin initiative, promotes the construction of 15 homes.

One of the main needs for the poorest population in Malawi is the lack of accommodation or, in their case, the substandard housing in which the most vulnerable families live. That’s why, the SSVP Malawi has set up a house building project for the most underprivileged.

Right now, the SSVP Malawi are in the first phase of construction for these houses, as they have erected 4 of the 15 houses planned.

In the video which we will show you afterwards, you can see the work the Vincentians are doing, the unveiling of the houses which have already been built, testimonies from the beneficiary families and some of our fellow members, among whom, the national president of Malawi, Charles Kimu, who comments on the big step that these houses make to help beneficiaries have a dignified life, and to improve their quality of life, since they spend day and night without a roof under which to take shelter, enduring inclement conditions and lack of the basics.

President General International, Renato Lima, has kept up with this great service from our fellow members and has dedicated the following to them: “It is impressive how the SSVP Malawi serves the poor, especially those who are the most vulnerable and homeless. With few resources, but with the support of the Catholic church, the Vincentian family and good people, these houses are being built with a lot of love and care. May God bless them and be with them always, more so during this pandemic”.

Click here to watch the video on the unveiling of the houses built by the SSVP Malawi within the framework of “13 Houses Campaign”.