Date of publication: 16/09/2020

Beirut: Hope Amidst an Ocean of Misfortune

World News

The SSVP Lebanon is still on the frontline helping those hit by the 4th August blast.

Medical Supplies

Thanks to the funds raised by the SSVP USA, the Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD) could provide humanitarian projects, medical clinics and the different SSVP Conferences in the country with medical supplies and medicines, which are duly classified and delivered to patients or families on prescription.

In this regard, our fellow members reveal that they are ‘filling in small gaps in this great ocean of misfortune’.

Besides this medical aid, the CIAD provided an emergency aid amounting to 5,000€, the result of joint contributions from different twinning projects supported by Lebanese Conferences belonging to the International SSVP. Any collaboration is welcome given the extreme situation the country is going through.

The blast has also hit the SSVP 

On the other hand, the devastation wreaked by the blast on 4th August in Beirut has brought death, destruction, and thousands of homeless and jobless families in its wake. The SSVP itself has been badly hit by this misfortune, with its headquarters’ façade being shattered, and its doors, windows, roofs, walls and furniture being destroyed, as witnessed by some of the members taking part in SSVP projects. 

Fortunately, a Vincentian meeting, which was set at the very same time the blast took place, was put off due to Covid-19 lockdown protocols, thus sparing the lives of members of SSVP Beirut. 

Donations Campaign

Notwithstanding all the difficulties, the SSVP Lebanon is working to help those most affected by Beirut’s blast: emotional support, distribution of clothes and food, and health care… As a matter of fact, the donations campaign is still underway to support their service. For further information on this campaign and its work with the most vulnerable families, visit the following website: