Appeal for November: Lebanon – Feeding a Lebanese Baby for US$20 a Month

Appeal of the Month – A New Way to Help

Each month, CGI’s COMMISSION FOR INTERNATIONAL AID AND DEVELOPMENT (CIAD) selects a particularly worthwhile Society project which is badly in need of funds and invites the Society throughout the world to support it directly.

Normally, the CIAD would help much-needed projects itself; but with COVID-19 and other demands on its limited funds, the CIAD cannot assist all worthwhile projects presented. We are, therefore, providing an opportunity for selected projects to appeal for the support of the international community of the Society through the medium of CGIs website with the full endorsement of CIAD.


The SSVP Lebanon has 50 active Conferences across the country and is involved in many of the most urgent areas of need: medical assistance, social and educational support, emergency aid, development projects, as well as reaching out to those most affected by the precarious situation in the country.

Since 2019, Lebanon has been beset by major crises: coronavirus, economic and financial crisis, unresolved explosion… The situation is tense and the lockdown has made things worse with people already in the struggle amidst the drama and economic devastation. Lebanon’s economic meltdown has had an impact on the entire economic structure of the country. According to the United Nations, 82% of the population lives in multidimensional poverty, a rate that has nearly doubled since 2019.

The Appeal

The country is now running out of everything; shortages are wreaking havoc on daily life, with people grappling with a raft of shortages such as medicines and milk (particularly, infant milk for babies below one year of age which is sold exclusively in pharmacies). 

Faced with this plight, the SSVP Lebanon seeks to provide five hundred infants with baby formula, which amounts to 10,000$ per month (20$ per baby). 

The SSVP Lebanon is overwhelmed with requests and cannot meet this demand alone. The CIAD would like to support this initiative, but does not currently have the means to do so.

How to help

For further details on how to donate to the SSVP Lebanon, please email: Within the framework of this appeal, the CGI is not the recipient, but a mere relay of this direct aid to our sisters and brothers in Lebanon.