Appeal for May. Drinking water for Aligambay (Sri Lanka)

Appeal of the Month – A New Way to Help

Each month, the Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD) of the CGI selects a particularly worthwhile project of the Society, which is badly in need of funds, and invites the Society throughout the world to support it directly.

Under normal circumstances, the CIAD would help such much need projects itself but with COVID-19 and other demands on its limited funds, the CIAD cannot assist all worthwhile projects submitted. We are, therefore, providing an opportunity for selected projects to appeal for the support of the international community of the Society through the medium of CGI’s website with the full endorsement of the CIAD.

Background: A forgotten and poor village

Aligambay, in the Diocese of Baticaloa (Sri Lanka), is a remote poverty-stricken village in a jungle area, far away from any kind of governmental and economic reality, where many families settled in the aftermath of the ethnic war. These people have been living for many years in appalling conditions and, unfortunately, they have been neglected by the government and NGOs. 

Now, with around 370 families and 1970 people in the village, the government gives small grants as subsidies (around € 200) to build 200 houses. The rest of the money, though, has to be paid by these poor people who beg for alms and eat only one meal a day. 

The appeal: Drinking water for Aligambay (Sri Lanka)

There is no access to safe drinking water in the village. Many of these people are sick due to the unsafe water they drink: kidney problems, children suffering from water-related diseases, increase risk of miscarriage and many other health problems. 

Some drinking water is brought by tractor, but it is insufficient. The closest water supply point is 20 km away. 

“If anyone is thirsty, come to me and drink” (John, 7:37)

Water is essential for these people, and, in response to the parish priest’s appeal for help, the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Baticola would like to help digging a well equipped with an electric pump and an overhead tank, in an area of the village where drinking water has been found.

How to help:

The cost of the well, the tank and plumbing amounts to € 3,500, plus € 6,500 required to equip it with a filtering system. The Society of St Vincent de Paul in Sri Lanka would like to support this project, but has no funds. 

After closely reviewing the budgets presented, the CIAD is willing to do its best to support this initiative, but has no funds either. 

The CIAD strongly encourages SSVP members, Conferences and Councils around the world to support this Appeal. Your generosity will drive forward this model project, so important for the SSVP Sri Lanka.

For further information on how to donate, please email :