Appeal for June: Assistance for Poor Families in Macedonia

Appeal of the Month – A New Way to Help

Each month, CGI’s COMMISSION FOR INTERNATIONAL AID AND DEVELOPMENT (CIAD) selects a particularly worthwhile Society project which is badly in need of funds and invites the Society throughout the world to support it directly.

Normally, the CIAD would support much-needed projects itself but, with COVID-19 and other demands on its limited funds, it  cannot assist all worthwhile projects presented. We are, therefore, providing an opportunity for selected projects to appeal for the support of the international community of the Society through the medium of CGIs website with the full endorsement of the CIAD.

Background: One of the poorest countries in Europe

Being a small country in the Balkan peninsula, Macedonia is one of the poorest countries in Europe, with an average monthly salary of less than 400€, and an unemployment rate of 20-25%, especially for the youth. It is also a war zone, and Covid-19 is hitting the country hard, thus exacerbating the immense poverty and the already high unemployment rate.

The appeal: Assistance for Poor Families in Macedonia

The only Conference in the country, located in the city of Bitola, is facing great difficulties in conducting its Vincentian mission. Every day, 180-200 families come to the Convent of Sisters of Charity and ask for the help from St. Vincent Conference. These are numerous families in danger, in the grip of hunger and thirst, who live on the outskirts in dire conditions. Conference members regularly visit those families. 

The Vincentians prepare and pack food parcels and basic items and deliver them to the families in need. By the same token, our members reach out to them and share God’s providence. The Vincentians’ reward is to see these people happy, smiling and pleased. 

In addition to the daily bread, food parcels are well packed with essential food (flour, rice, sugar, oil, salt, pâté, lentils, beans, polenta, pasta, canned tuna and more), and hygiene kits include washing powder, disinfectant, soap and hydro-alcoholic gel. 

How to help:

The budget required to support these families is around 1,000 € per month; the Conference in Bitola has no regular source of income. 

The CIAD has supported this initiative twice and is very satisfied with the reports and feedback provided by the Conference. The Commission seeks to keep undertaking this work, but no funds are available. 

The CIAD strongly urges SSVP members, Conferences and Councils around the world to support this Appeal. Your generosity will drive forward this model project, so important for the SSVP Macedonia.

For further information on how to donate, please email: