Appeal for July: Emergency Assistance to Victims of Terrorism (Mozambique)

Appeal of the Month – A New Way to Help

Each month, CGI’s COMMISSION FOR INTERNATIONAL AID AND DEVELOPMENT (CIAD) selects a particularly worthwhile Society project which is badly in need of funds and invites the Society throughout the world to support it directly.

Normally, the CIAD would support much-needed projects itself; but with Covid-19 and other demands on its limited funds, the CIAD cannot assist all worthwhile projects presented. We are, therefore, providing an opportunity for selected projects to appeal for the support of the international community of the Society through the medium of CGIs website with the full endorsement of the CIAD.

Background: 400,000 families displaced fleeing violence

Mozambique is a country in Southern Africa that has undergone a long-standing political and military conflict. Due to the increase of heinous crimes perpetrated by jihadists in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, it is estimated that over 400,000 families have been displaced in dire straits. Faced with this cruelty against innocent and helpless civilians, the Catholic Church, the Bishop of Pemba and the Vincentian Family are calling for peace and ceasefire. 

The Appeal: Emergency Assistance to Victims of Terrorism

Mozambique’s Superior Council provides humanitarian assistance to families who are war refugees and victims of terrorism. 

This initiative aims at supplying the basics to displaced families in Pemba and Nampula, which include 200 pregnant women, 250 children and 100 elderly people. Aside from much-needed material support, local SSVP members share love and friendship through face to face contact, while respecting Covid-19  restrictions.

How to help:

The annual support provided by the SSVP Mozambique to the aforementioned families amounts to €25,000. The CIAD has already sent €10,000, but no further funds are available, and Mozambique’s Superior Council has no regular income either, so it cannot help. Without external funding, the much-needed support for these extremely vulnerable refugee families cannot be provided.

The CIAD strongly urges SSVP members, Conferences and Councils around the world to support this Appeal. Your generosity will drive forward this vital service, so important for the SSVP Mozambique. 

For further details on how to donate to the SSVP Mozambique, please email: Within the framework of this appeal, the CGI is not the recipient, but the middleman of this direct aid to our sisters and brothers in Mozambique