Appeal for April. A Computer Training School in Sierra Leone (Africa)

Appeal of the Month – A New Way to Help

Each month, CGI’s Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD) selects a particularly worthwhile Society project which is badly in need of funds and invites the Society throughout the world to support it directly.

Normally, the CIAD would help such much needed projects itself but with COVID-19 and other demands on its limited funds, it cannot assist all worthwhile projects presented. Therefore, we are providing an opportunity for selected projects to appeal for the support of the international community of the Society through the medium of CGI’s website with the CIAD’s full endorsement.

Background: Education as an opportunity

The majority of the population –and 80% of the youth– are either unemployed, school dropouts, illiterate, financially deprived or physically disadvantaged. This gives rise to a very high poverty rate, high delinquency rates, sex work and many more undesirable consequences. 

Education is definitely more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Technology skills are also required. In a broader sense, education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future. It is also regarded as the best – if not the only one– solution to alleviate systemic poverty. 

Appeal: A computer school 

St. Martin Conference, located in Freetown, in the Eastern part of the Capital City, has kicked off a Computer Training School project at the secretariat of the National Council of the Society, in order to help young people and adults gain basic computer skills. This computer school was formerly an under-used space since its opening in 2008. The computer school will not only help the upkeep of the beneficiaries but will play a greater role to support the SSVP as a whole. It aims at: 

  1. Providing opportunities for Vincentians and the community to gain IT skills which will increase their chances of finding gainful employment and achieving self-reliance;
  2. Promoting learning and training for young people and adults; 
  3. Using the knowledge and skills acquired by the beneficiaries to support the SSVP’s National Office. 

Hence, the SSVP Sierra Leone seeks to launch the project to help young people, adults and beneficiaries to strengthen their skills, while raising awareness of their rights, responsibilities and contribution to the community and peace-building.

How to help:

Five second-hand computers have been purchased by St. Martin De Porres Conference. The project, though, needs more investment: a total budget of €4,450 is required for the purchase of 10 more computers and a printer, the wiring and registration fees. 

The Computer School will be staffed by SSVP members and volunteers from the community.

After going through the budgets presented, the CIAD is willing to support this initiative, but does not have any funding available. 

The CIAD strongly encourages SSVP members, Conferences and Councils throughout the world to support this Appeal. Your generosity will allow this model project, so important for the SSVP Sierra Leone, to keep going.

For further information on how to donate, please email :