Date of publication: 13/12/2021

America 1 Regional Zoom Meeting

Council General International

The last regional face-to-face meeting for America 1 was in August 2019 and hosted by the Superior Council of St. John’s Basseterre and held in the beautiful island of Antigua.  The 2021 regional conference was supposed to be in Grenada but the global pandemic put that meeting on an indefinite hold.

But, thanks to Zoom, the leadership in America 1 was able to reunite on November 9th. There were over 17 active participants in the conference who received updates on news and activities from all of the America 1 coordinator and brother Ralph Middlecamp who gave an update on the CGI September board meeting. Participants actively participated in questions and discussion.

The icing on this cake was the participation of President General Renato who greeted the participants and shared a few of his thoughts, and his appreciation for all that everyone does for those in need in the America 1 Superior Councils.

Members of the America 1 team include:

Pat Collins                       

Coordinator, Zone 1                                      


Frank Voehl                                                             

Coordinator, Zone 2

Miami, Florida

Rudolph Boneo                                               

Special Projects Coordinator                       

Trinidad and Tobago                                      

Mary Charles

Training Coordinator


Kat Brissett                                                      

Youth Coordinator                                            

Providence, Rhode Island             

 Michael Nizankiewicz

Intl. Territorial VP

Carson City, Nevada