Date of publication: 28/01/2022

Agreement between Depaul and the SSVP Ireland

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On January 10th, Depaul and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP) reached an agreement enabling Depaul to take over the management of the SSVP homeless service in Cork city. 

As a Vincentian Family institution, De Paul is one of the leading providers of services for people experiencing homelessness across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Established in 2002, Depaul currently manages over 30 specialised accommodation and outreach services and has been at the forefront of providing additional homeless services throughout the ongoing pandemic. Depaul provides over 600 bed spaces per night. In 2020, it supported over 3,500 people. The SSVP is transferring the management of seven hostels to Depaul due to its high level of specialisation in delivering services.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, attended the transfer of services at Deerpark House, a centre which he opened in 2002, and said: 

This transfer demonstrates the responsibility, foresight and vision of two organisations coming together to have a positive impact on people facing homelessness.

 Our ‘Housing for All’ plan seeks to support our most vulnerable by significantly increasing the number of tenancies for those experiencing homelessness and who have more complex needs. Yet the pathway to eradicating homelessness is bound up with the constructive contributions of organisations like Depaul and the SSVP, working together in a progressive and transformational manner to meet the ever-changing needs of people facing homelessness. 

Having originally opened this centre in 2002 as Minister for Health, I would like to commend and thank the staff and volunteers of the Society of St Vincent de Paul who have worked tirelessly over the years to support those affected by homelessness and housing insecurity. 

I know this work will continue through their social housing projects, and through the 1,200 local Conferences working across the island of Ireland. I look forward to seeing the invaluable work Depaul will do in the future for this community and others.” 

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