Date of publication: 28/08/2018

700 new fellow members will join the SSVP of the Central African Republic

Council General International

After the visit of the President General to the Central African Republic, 700 new fellow members will join the SSVP of this country, in the month of September. This has been announced by the current President of the Superior Council, Clementine À. Kalembi, who has very much appreciated the boost that the visit of the International President General has been for the Central African Conferences.

In addition to this great news about the growth and development of the SSVP in Central Africa, from 6th to 9th September, coinciding with the feast of Ozanam, this Superior Council will hold its General Assembly in which, among other matters, the new President of the Superior Council will be elected.

The Assembly will be attended by the Presidents of the nine Zone Councils in which the Central African SSVP has a structure (positions of service that have been recently renewed) as well as by a large number of members from all over of the country.